Live Online Instructor Led Weekend Cisco CCNA 200-301 Course

Course Package

  • 6 days of Live On-line Instructor led training
  • Digital recording of your course
  • Free retake policy
  • Self-Paced CCNA revision & Labs
  • Limited Places On Each Course (Max 8)


Cisco CCNA 200-301 Course for Just £495+vat


Earn your CCNA certification with us


The UK’s only Technical CCNA training course
Led by Expert Instructors with comprehensive lab work


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WEEKEND COURSE - Starts 5th Feb ends 20th Feb - 6 days - 3 Weekends (Sat & Sun) - LIVE ON-LINE
09.00 – 17.00 | LOCATION – LIVE ON-LINE | 6 days

WEEKEND COURSE - Starts 5th March ends 20th March - 6 days - 3 Weekends (Sat & Sun) - LIVE ON-LINE
09.00 – 17.00 | LOCATION – LIVE ON-LINE | 6 days

WEEKEND COURSE - Starts 9th April ends 24th April - 6 days - 3 Weekends (Sat & Sun) - LIVE ON-LINE
09.00 – 17.00 | LOCATION – LIVE ON-LINE | 6 days

WEEKEND COURSE - Starts 14th May ends 29th May - 6 days - 3 Weekends (Sat & Sun) - LIVE ON-LINE
09.00 – 17.00 | LOCATION – LIVE ON-LINE | 6 days

WEEKEND COURSE - Starts 11th June ends 26th June - 6 days - 3 Weekends (Sat & Sun) - LIVE ON-LINE
09.00 – 17.00 | LOCATION – LIVE ON-LINE | 6 days

Classroom Versus Live On-line


Over the years, I have run both classroom courses and Live Online courses. Here is an interesting fact, Commsupport was one of the first training companies in 2009 to offer live online technical classes. Many students over the years have wanted to attend our classroom courses but have been unable to attend due to distance, time and expense of travel and hotels.


Due to the recent global events, I have now decided to focus on delivering our courses 100% as live Online Instructor-led courses. You get all the benefits of the classroom but with bonuses for you.


Benefits of Live On-line Instructor Led Courses


• Time and money saved with travel.


• Money saved on hotels.


• Attend the course from the comfort of your own home.


• Speak to your instructor in real-time.


• Do the labs at your leisure.


• No distractions from other students.


About your CCNA Instructor


I’m Joe, your instructor for the CCNA course. I have been a network engineer since 1996 and an instructor since 2009. I mainly work as a freelance network engineer when I am not teaching. Being able to teach allows me to give my students the benefit of my real-world experience. You will benefit from my unique teaching style of imparting complex technical subjects in the simplest terms, which anyone can understand.


Do you want to pass the Cisco CCNA  exam first time?


The objective of you attending this Cisco CCNA course is two-fold. First is prepare you to pass the exam and, secondly, to acquire the knowledge to hit the ground running and start working as a network engineer as soon as possible. I focus on those two objectives throughout the course, with the hands-on labs, our comprehensive lab manuals, weekly webinar, and post-class support.


Now the details of what you will get on the 6-day CCNA course


The Cisco CCNA course is delivered over 6 days, cross three weekends, i.e. 6 consecutive Saturdays/Sundays.


This CCNA course will allow you to master core IPv4 and IPv6 technologies, LAN switching, and many infrastructure essentials such as services, security, and management, automation, routing.


The Cisco CCNA training course will take you from the start of networking through the various complex switching and routing protocols. You will learn how to design, configure, and install routers, switches, wireless LAN controllers for small to medium-sized enterprises during the course.


This CCNA course is the only one in the UK to provide all the features below. I don’t just help you pass your CCNA; I turn you into an actual Network Engineer.


Would you like to practice what you have learned?


Comprehensive CCNA Training course Lab manuals


I ensure that the course focuses on more than just passing the Cisco CCNA exam. I also want to ensure that my students are put through their paces with the unique, comprehensive CCNA lab manuals I have developed. The CCNA training manuals are packed with lots of technical, practical exercises. The CCNA lab manuals are a product of over 12 years of continuous development. These lab manuals are responsible for creating great network engineers. Contact us for a sample of one of our CCNA Training course labs.


No Death by PowerPoint on your CCNA Training course


I have been on dozens of technical courses myself, and the last thing I want is to bore you with an endless stream of PowerPoint slide after another. All of the lectures and CCNA sessions are focused on involving you, the student, with live demonstrations before you practice what you have learned, then backed up with challenge labs against the clock.


Your Complete CCNA training course Session recorded


Your live online course Is RECORDED from start to finish. Every word, every example and every piece of configuration is recorded in real-time just for you; at the end of your course, you will have access to the recordings of the class you just attended. No other CCNA training course offers this service.


FREE RETAKES – Attend the Cisco CCNA training again from anywhere


If you feel you need more time and instruction, you can re-attend the CCNA course for free from anywhere in the world, provided you have internet access. When you book your CCNA course, you can start pretty much straight away if that course is running that week.


After Course Support


You will continue to receive post-course support. If you need help after the course, I am here to help. You may email me questions and, in some cases, if the technical problem cannot be explained clearly via email, you can schedule a call me and discuss the question. This service is provided exclusively to my students.


Why do we not charge thousands for the course?


This is a question we are asked all the time. Excellent question and some people find it suspicious why we are not charging thousands of pounds for our CCNA course.


The simple answer we have is why other companies charge so much. Over the years, people have expected technical training courses like the CCNA to cost a lot of money.


When I started Commsupport, I decided to charge a fair fee for our courses and 12 years on; we are still going. Paying more does not always equate to quality.


How it works?


1. Drop me an email by filling in the contact form above and we can chat. I will call you back in the evening since I may be teaching or buried in a customers comms room,


2. If and when you are happy, you can book and pay for your course over the phone or apply for 0% Interest financing, which takes a few minutes.


3. You will receive an email with instructions which various download links to start your CCNA course.


• Network Simulator download instructions.


• GNS3 software download instructions.


• CCNA manual download instructions.


• Pre-Course lab work and reading requirement instructions.


• Zoom login details.


Who is the CCNA Training course for?


This is an ideal course if you’re looking to become a Network Engineer and or seeking the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Certification. We also recommend the course for anyone involved in the installation and support of enterprise branch office networks.


Job roles: Entry Level Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Support Technician or Help Desk Technician.


Salary: As a Cisco CCNA engineer, the current median salary in London is £45,000.