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Attack of the Clones

Posted: October 21st, 2016

When I started Commsupport in the famous garden shed at the end of my garden on that cold January in 2007 many people used to call and ask how I could offer courses at such low prices when every other training company was charging thousands for the same course, well since that fateful January I have proved that a great course can be delivered despite the low cost much to the distress of my competitors.

With almost 4000 students having attended our courses, we have proved that I and my gang of elves at Commsupport have built a company which is a very hard act to beat let alone follow.
Some would say why didn’t I just tow the line and offer the same courses at the same prices and make a killing. The truth is I could have easily done that, but I have always been the sort of person that loves a good scrap and that’s exactly how we like to view ourselves, we’re the underdogs, friday night bar room brawlers, above all we want to be different from the legions of sharks out there. It is this view that has been the driving force behind the idea that we have to be the first to innovate new ideas and concepts, it really annoys the market but benefits our students.

The first, last and every moment in between my mind is occupied by the single thought of how to improve the experience that my students have with us. Ultimately it is you the student which puts the bread on our table and roof over our heads, this is a sentiment held by all of us at Commsupport, it’s only logical you get the best course possible, to date I think we have done damn good job.

1. BREAK/FIX tm We’re the first school in the country to make it part of every CCNA course to run continual break/fix sessions in the classroom after the labs (The 1st and the best), before Commsupport no other company did this, it has proved so popular that students come to us for that alone.

2. FREE TRAINING DAYS: We’re the first school in the country to offer free one day training sessions to help people to decide if networking was for them before parting with any money.

3. FULLY KITTED OUT LABS: We’re the first school in the country to offer 6 pieces of lab equipment per student on the CCNA courses.

4. LIVE ON-LINE INSTRUCTOR LED CLASSES We’re the first school in Europe to offer line on-line Webinars so that our students can keep as current as possible
5. CUSTOM MADE VIDEOS We’re the FIRST school in Europe to have custom made all of our own complete set of CCNA videos, we don’t cheat you by giving you “Free Videos” out the back of a cheap CCNA manual

6. FREE WORK EXPERIENCE IN OUR CLASSROOMS: We were the first school in the country to offer work experience in the way of the LABRAT so that anyone could gain experience in our classrooms as assistants.

7. UNLIMITED FREE RETRAINING: We were the first to offer complete free re-training with no time limit, no having to take exam first conditions, free re-training means free retraining without the strings attached. we do ask that you attend the whole of the original course

8. FULLY KITTED OUT LABS IN THE PROFESSIONAL COURSES: We were the first school in the country to offer a complete lab per student on the CCNP courses.

9. We’re the first school to offer all of the Advanced CCNA courses with one Lab per student, even though the kit cost an arm and a leg.

10. We’re the first school to RECORD all of our classes for the student to take away with them at the end of the course