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When cheap does not mean “CHEAP”

Posted: October 4th, 2016

If we had a pound every time we were asked “Why are you so cheap?” we could close our doors and retire.

We wish we could claim that we started the whole discounting revolution but that accolade has to go to the likes of Southwest airlines in America and Ryanair in the UK, they led the way. They showed the world that charging high prices did not necessarily justify the product, but by offering low prices they proved that compromises did not have to be made in safety or the quality of the aircraft which they operated
But how is it possible that Ryanair and Easyjet can fly you across Europe for £1. We like to call it “Economic Intelligence”.

We apply the same Economic Intelligence to our business, for example all Commsupport office staff other than instructors all work remotely to reduce unnecessary office overhead costs, we run an almost 99% paperless office and negotiate hard with all our suppliers down to the very last last penny on all of our purchases so that we can pass the savings onto our students. Like Tescos’ say “every little helps”, everything helps down to helping ourselves to the free pens at Barclays bank.

We also get asked “do you make any money?” or “how do you make money?”, our response is, we of course do make a profit otherwise why would we bother; as much as we love teaching we do have to live, air is free but not very filling.

We say don’t worry about how much money we make or how we make a profit the real concern ought to be whether we can deliver the product that we claim to be able to deliver. We have been in business since January 2007 and we have trained over 3000 students with a lot of repeat business, that is testament that quality training can be delivered at rock bottom prices, just see how many copy cat companies our concept has spawned to tell you it can be done.

The question you ought to really be asking is why other training companies feel the need to rip their customers off with high prices and low quality courses, poor material, poorly qualified instructors.

Come to our “Free one day training sessions” so you can try us out before you commit, see the real classes in action. If the likes of Ryanair and EasyJet can make a £30 million pound aircraft pay its way for a quid a flight why can’t we offer a course at the prices we do?