Why Choose Commsupport?

Why get CompTIA Certified?

There are many areas that you can become CompTIA certified in, CompTIA are a non vndor specifc certification provider. They are also a non-profit organisation who build courses for the industry on the advice of people in the inductry. CompTIA work hard to find out what skills and knowlage are needed in the real world and disgn certifications to accomadate for them.

  • More efficient in the work place
  • Less likely to make any mistakes in the work place (these can be costly)
  • Show a deeper understanding of specialist areas and technologies
  • Show an attitude and aptitude to develop your personal skillets
  • Save your company money on call outs
  • Command a higher salary
  • Improve productivity
  • Prepair yourself for further certification
  • Improve your chances of a promotion
  • Beat the competition with an enhanced CV