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FREE 1-day Introduction to Networking Course

This is a breakdown of the free course we are running through this campaign – sign up any time!

Where: North London
When: Sat 24th Feb
Start Time: 10 am
Finish Time: 6 pm
Lunch: 12 noon (45 mins)
Breaks: Each hour for 10 mins

This course is for anyone who is thinking about a career in the IT Networking field, taking you from the beginning and fundamentals of networking to a level where you will have a good understanding of the core concepts and if Networking is the right career for you.

The gives us an opportunity to show us our amazing tutors and an opportunity for you to get a real feel for how we teach. Please see the course syllabus at the bottom of this page.

This 1-day class gives Commsupport the opportunity to show just how our amazing tutors are, how interesting and fun IT networking can be when studied with Commsupport.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, the IT Networking and Cyber Security job sector has a massive skill shortage, there is a massive demand for people with these skills.


We run these courses to help individuals to understand the fundamentals of networking devices and how data is forwarded across a network. The day is designed to assist people to determine if pursuing a career in networking is for them.


1st line network support engineer

Next steps

CompTIA Network+ course
Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching

Note – all these courses can be earned FREE by signing up to the campaign – sign up any time!


What training courses can I get and how?

Beyond just a 1-day networking course – you can get all the courses listed below by just using the social share options.

Share the news of the free networking course with just 1 or 2 clicks and earn the following points:

1. Earn 15 points for each share you make
2. Earn 100 points for each person who signs up and attend the Free 1-day Networking course.

Collect the following amount of points to earn rewards:

350 points = Access to the full 3 days CompTIA Networking training course (Live online)
500 points = Access to the full 3 days CompTIA Networking training course (Classroom)
750 points = Access to our fantastic Live CCNA weekly webinar sessions
800 points = Access to our 6-day Cisco CCNA Course via Live Virtual Classroom
1000 points = Access to our full 6-day Cisco CCNA Classroom course

Course Syllabus

Intro to networking basics
Network Topologies
Logical bus

Networking Devices
Network cards
Network Addressing

TCP/IP Protocol Models
The 7 layers
What is a gateway and the role it plays in your environment

Moving traffic on a switch
MAC addresses
Switch learning

Moving traffic on a router
Static routing
Dynamic routing

Basic security
Hardware Firewalls
Software firewall