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Configuring Cisco Trunk Links

Posted: October 21st, 2016

As a CCNA candidate you must be familiar with the functions and configuration of trunk links. In brief a trunk link is any connection between two switches where there is the need to carry traffic for multiple vlans. When a switch sends traffic out of one of it’s switch ports belonging to a vlan across to another switch it must mark the frame as being a member of that originating vlan on the sending switch so that the receiving switch can determine into which vlan to place the frame. In the CCNA there are various methods of trunk link configuration...

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Recovering Passwords

Posted: October 19th, 2016

If you’re locked out of a router due to not knowing the password don’t worry you can easily get back into the router by changing the configuration register. The configuration register (CR) is a 16bit number (2 Bytes) written into NVRAM that is used to tell the router where and how to boot, by default the CR is set to load the IOS from flash followed by getting the startup file from NVRAM.is whether to use the contents of NVRAM to load a router configuration. The default setting for the configuration value on the Cisco router is 0x2102, this setting...

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When cheap does not mean “CHEAP”

Posted: October 4th, 2016

If we had a pound every time we were asked “Why are you so cheap?” we could close our doors and retire. We wish we could claim that we started the whole discounting revolution but that accolade has to go to the likes of Southwest airlines in America and Ryanair in the UK, they led the way. They showed the world that charging high prices did not necessarily justify the product, but by offering low prices they proved that compromises did not have to be made in safety or the quality of the aircraft which they operated But how is...

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